Vtronic 250mm/10 HEPA Filter box 3 layer


Keep your home or workplace free from germs and bacteria with the Vtronic 10″ HEPA Filter Box. It features a matte black metal shell, 4 layer filter system, high efficiency of up to 99% purification, is durable, waterproof and flame retardant.

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    The Vtronic HEPA Filter Box is a great way to purify the air from various forms of germs and bacteria when using a Vtronic Duct Fan. These sturdily designed filters offer 4 layers of protection with a high-efficiency purification rating of up to 99%. These filters offer protection from dust, pollen, hair, pollution, odour, germs and bacteria. Its filter system consists of a HEPA filter, a primary filter, an activated carbon filter and a silver ion filter.

    The primary filter intercepts large particles like dust and hair, the HEPA filter gives efficient filtration of smog PM2.5, dust, smoke and bacteria, the activated carbon filter absorbs pollution and odour to intercept the entry of germs and the silver ion filter can eliminate a variety of bacteria and can control the reproduction of it. The filter box is easy to mount and the filters are easy to replace. The filter box comes in a matt black metal shell design that is IPX4 waterproof, corrosion-resistant and flame retardant.


    • 4 Layers filter system
    • High efficiency up to 99% purification
    • Easy to mount and replace the filters
    • Matt black metal shell
    • Durable
    • Water-proof
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Flame Retardant


    • Model: 10 Inch
    • Number of Filters: 4
    • Purification Efficiency: 99%
    • Material: Metal
    • Waterproof: IPX4
    • Fire Prevention: Yes
    • Dimensions: 44.2 x 30 x 30 cm


    • Vtronic 10″ HEPA Filter Box x1
    Weight 11200 kg
    Dimensions 52 × 50 × 38 cm


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